Various People

Winter Warmers

WW Sunday Soiree #1.jpg

Alex Roose, Kate Macfarlane & Bethany Hill Sunday Soirée, Winter Warmer #1

What better way to spend a winter’s afternoon than to settle into the cosy ambience of La Boheme, sip a beverage of your choosing, and be swept away on the wings of song?

In our Sunday Soirée, Bethany Hill, Kate Macfarlane and Alex Roose thrilled the sell-out crowd with a selection of favourite operatic arias and ensembles, accompanied by Sachiko Hidaka. A rather cheeky narrative subtext had us all wondering just which singer fancied who, with the ‘off-stage’ shenanigans wending their way into the performance to hilarious effect. Much fun was had by all.

Our second Winter Warmer in 2018 was a specially arranged performance of that rarely heard jewel of a cantata, Handel’s Aci, Galatea e Polifemo. Enchanting young rising stars Karina Bligh and Charlotte Kelso were joined by the sensuous baritone of Lachan Scott, accompanied by Lucinda Moon and Glenys March.

Produced and directed by Cheryl Pickering

La Boheme June & July 2018

What the audience said:

This was an absolutely fantastic show. Thoroughly entertaining. Brilliantly performed. Loved the narrative. Such talent!

 Thank you to Cheryl Pickering and the whole Various People team for a wonderful afternoon of glorious singing and music making!  

What an absolutely brilliant and spell-binding show. Gorgeous singing, superb accompaniment, great theatricality and production values. Congratulations to all involved and commiserations to those who missed out!

 Brilliant! Loved every minute.

Let us Make the Most Brilliant Music…


The elegant central staircase and grand hall of Carrick Hill was the delightful setting for this concert of music from the court of the Sun King, Louis XIV, presented as part of the Adelaide Festival Centre’s French Festival.

Sopranos Bethany Hill and Kate Macfarlane, accompanied at the harpsichord by Anne Gardiner, lead us through the extravagance, opulence and intrigue of a day in the life of the court of the Sun King, with sublime music by composers including Charpentier, Rameau, Montéclair, Louis Couperin and his nephew François.

Concept, script and direction: Cheryl Pickering

Sopranos: Bethany Hill & Kate Macfarlane

Harpsichord: Anne Gardiner

Carrick Hill January 2018


Kate Macfarlane Let us make the most brilliant music, Carrick Hill

My Heart in Hiding

Anne Cawrse.jpg

Composer Anne Cawrse

My Heart in Hiding is an expression in music and poetry of the human need for connection, for union, flow, pure being - whether that be a spiritual yearning, or a deep desire for connection with nature or with another human being.

The Australian premiere of Richard Chew’s The Windhover for solo violin and Saint-Saens’ passionate Violins dans le soir paved the way for the world premiere of Three Persian Prayers by South Australian composer Anne Cawrse, especially commissioned by Various People Inc to prayers of the Baha’i faith. The concert finale was a bravura sonata by Louis Vierne for violin and piano.

Mezzo soprano: Cheryl Pickering
Violin: Elizabeth Layton
Piano: Penelope Cashman
Ukaria November 2016

What the audience said:

I can’t imagine a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon; a combination of wonderful singing, new compositions, great musicians and poetry.

I loved it so much I felt calm for days afterwards. There was something about Anne’s composition for those Three Persian Prayers that reminded me that beauty is truth and truth, beauty - and that is all we need to know. You both truly bathed and soothed my saddened soul.

What a beautiful feast for all senses today - my first view of the amazing performances by @variouspeopleinc in the most stunning location.

"My Heart In Hiding" was both a cultural and musical triumph; a celebration and a healing. 

None But The Lonely Heart


Three women musicians tell the stories of three women in literature - Mary mother of Jesus, Goethe’s Mignon, and Arianna, abandoned by Theseus on the isle of Naxos. Music by Brahms, Schubert, Wolf, Tchaikovsky and Handel.

Mezzo soprano: Cheryl Pickering
Cello: Rachel Johnston
Piano: Gabriella Smart

Elder Perspectives Series, Elder Hall, May 2015

Lonely Heart programme cover .jpg



Alex Tsiboulski, Rachel Johnston & Cheryl Pickering

A musical exploration across countries and genres. Music by Bogdanovic, Piazzola, Kotlowy, de Falla, Ravel, Villa-Lobos, Ralph Towner, Laura Moody, Robert Johnson, Rebecca Clarke and others - including the famous anon…

Mezzo soprano: Cheryl Pickering
Cello: Rachel Johnston
Guitar: AlexTsiboulski

Elder Perspectives Series November 2014, The Promethean October 2013

sung with poignant intensity by Pickering…

the colour and passion of Manuel de Falla's Seven Popular Spanish Songs was vividly portrayed by Pickering and Tsiboulski.

the high standard of the performances ensured a rewarding evening of music.

The Advertiser 25 Oct 2015


Small Victories


Songs of hope, of love, of perseverance
Songs of journey and arrival
Songs that make your soul tremble and your heart sing

Songs from activists in Chile and lovers in Arabia, from mothers in Croatia and crofters in Scotland – songs that remind us who we are, where we came from and how we connect.

Concept, script, singer: Cheryl Pickering
Keyboards: Richard Chew

Adelaide Festival Centre ‘Sessions’ – Space Theatre
February, 2013

The performance was utterly wonderful last night, inspiring, entertaining and fun.  You did a marvellous job of keeping the tone casual whilst still managing to deliver powerful messages with your stories and song.

CP Small Victories.jpg

Cheryl Pickering, Small Victories, Space Theatre Adelaide Festival Centre February 2013

A Highland Odyssey

3 singers Coriole.jpg

Rosalind Martin, Emma Horwood & Cheryl Pickering
A Highland Odyssey, Coriole Vineyards

A Scottish inspired afternoon of lieder, art song and folk song in the atmospheric barrel room at Coriole Vineyards. Composers include Haydn, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Debussy, Ravel and Britten, with the well-known “trad” also making a guest appearance.

Singers: Emma Horwood, Rosalind Martin & Cheryl Pickering
Harp: Emma Horwood
Piano: Roy Howat & Emily Kilpatrick
Coriole Vineyards

September 2013

Join the artists in conversation over a glass of Coriole wine or coffee with a cheese platter, or bring your own picnic.


I See Your Beating Heart


I See Your Beating Heart is a mothers’ cantata, tracing the hopes and fears held within this everyday miracle .

Three singers and three musicians perform this intimate, beautiful and haunting work that follows a woman's journey to motherhood, set against a backdrop of images of mother and baby..

Composer: Richard Chew
Lyrics: Sheila Hill
Singers: Sarah Pattichis, Cheryl Pickering & Sharon Turley
Violin: Linda Rankin
Cello: Kim Worley
Piano: Richard Chew

Adelaide Festival Centre Fine Music Series – Space Theatre
July 2012  

I See Your Beating Heart – A Mother’s Cantata, like their previous two recent works, certainly confirms Various People’s appetite for the different, the excellent and the innovative.
Peter Maddern, Kryztoff RAW in its passionate outpourings...

Barry Lenny, Glam Adelaide

...a wide emotional range in a fine performance ... excitement, joy, wonder and sadness...

Peter Burdon, The Advertiser

037_Beating Heart.jpg

Kim Worley & Cheryl Pickering, I See Your Beating Heart, Space Theatre Adelaide Festival Centre 2012