I See Your Beating Heart


I See Your Beating Heart is a mothers’ cantata, tracing the hopes and fears held within this everyday miracle .

Three singers and three musicians perform this intimate, beautiful and haunting work that follows a woman's journey to motherhood, set against a backdrop of images of mother and baby..

Composer: Richard Chew
Lyrics: Sheila Hill
Singers: Sarah Pattichis, Cheryl Pickering & Sharon Turley
Violin: Linda Rankin
Cello: Kim Worley
Piano: Richard Chew

Adelaide Festival Centre Fine Music Series – Space Theatre
July 2012  

I See Your Beating Heart – A Mother’s Cantata, like their previous two recent works, certainly confirms Various People’s appetite for the different, the excellent and the innovative.
Peter Maddern, Kryztoff RAW

...rich in its passionate outpourings...

Barry Lenny, Glam Adelaide

...a wide emotional range in a fine performance ... excitement, joy, wonder and sadness...

Peter Burdon, The Advertiser

037_Beating Heart.jpg

Kim Worley & Cheryl Pickering, I See Your Beating Heart, Space Theatre Adelaide Festival Centre 2012