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Carmen: a Spanish Inquisition

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Carmen CSI
State Opera Studio 2011

A man stands in the dock. His crime? The murder of the most famous heroine in operatic history…

Set after the final tragic music has died away, Carmen: a Spanish Inquisition finds us back in Lillas Pastia’s tavern, hearing the final summing up of evidence in the trial after Carmen’s murder. Bizet himself is in the dock – although he doesn’t always take the proceedings as seriously as the Judge would like him to.

The 60 Minute Opera team create engaging studio adaptations of main stage operas. Students and adults alike are drawn into the characters and music, gaining a wealth of understanding of the musical and historical background to the opera which enhances their experience of the State Opera dress rehearsal.

Congratulations on such a fun and engaging way to introduce school kids to opera. The show was a real treat!

Presented in association with The State Opera of South Australia.
Supported by The State Opera of South Australia & Friends of the State Opera of SA.

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Music by Georges Bizet
Devised and adapted by Cheryl Pickering
Translated by Richard Chew

Director: Cheryl Pickering
Musical Director: Richard Chew
Designer: Bec Francis
Lighting Designer: Sue Grey-Gardener
Production Manager: Emma O’Neill

Carmen: Sally-Anne Russell
Escamillo: Andrew Turner 
Don Jose: Robert Macfarlane
Micaela: Deborah Caddy
Frasquita: Kate Wyatt
Mercedes: Sarah-Jane Pattichis
Georges Bizet: Nick Martin
Special Guest: Judge Susanne Cole as herself
Flamenco Dancer: Marsha Weston
Flamenco Singer: Salvador “el Titi” Flores
Flamenco Guitar: Alain Valodze


Gretel & Hansel


Gretel & Hansel’s Mum and Dad leave them home alone, amongst the old pizza boxes and empty beer cans, with orders to sort out the dirty washing before they come home. But the lure of the Royal Show is too tempting. Who will they encounter in the strange twilight world of the empty showground at night?

60 Minute Opera brings the live experience of music and theatre to a wider audience of schoolkids and grownups. The opera is cut to an hour or so of the ‘best bits’ and given a cheeky new English translation. Sometimes the audience sings along - some of them may even wind up on stage…

Presented in association with The State Opera of South Australia

Produced & directed by Cheryl Pickering
Musical Director & new translation: Richard Chew
Designer: Bec Francis
Lighting: Larraine Wheeler
Puppetry: Sue Harris
Performed by: Joanna McWaters, Andrew Turner, Kate Macfarlane, Mark Stefanoff, Naomi Hede & Jemma Matthews, with a chorus of adults and children

Gretel & Hansel image.jpg

Mark Stefanoff & Kate Macfarlane Gretel & Hansel, State Opera Studio, 2010

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