The Velvet Gentleman


Various People Inc in association with the 2012 Adelaide Cabaret Festival

the odd story of Erik Satie (some of it is true)

An actor, a singer and a pianist journey into the curious world of eccentric French composer Erik Satie coaxing musings and music from his piano and paraphernalia. By turns humorous, surreal and deeply moving, the show is an affectionate tribute to one of the fathers of cabaret.

Music by Erik Satie | Text by Erik Satie & friends

This production was supported by Arts SA

Richard Chew: Le Maitre d’Musique
Graeme Rose: Le Maitre d’Hotel
Cheryl Pickering: La Chanteuse

Devised by Graeme Rose & Cheryl Pickering
Music Director: Richard Chew
Designer: Bec Francis
Production Manager: Emma O’Neill


Cheryl Pickering & Graeme Rose The Velvet Gentleman, Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2012