The Shouting Fence

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The Shouting Fence
Adelaide Fringe Festival 2009

The Shouting Fence is a choral theatre work highlighting the experiences of communities in the Golan Heights, separated by wartime land annexations. On Friday evenings the villagers gather at the boundary fence and shout their news across No Mans Land through megaphones. The Shouting Fence asks the audience to become the ‘barrier’ between two choirs. A children’s choir, professional singer/actors and two percussionists lead the two community choirs.

For The Shouting Fence, Adelaide Fringe 2009:
Music by Orlando Gough and Richard Chew
Directed by Cheryl Pickering
Musical Director: Richard Chew
Assistant MD: Philip Griffin
Designer: Louise Dunn
Lighting Designer: Nic Mollison
Produced for Tutti by Pat Rix
Performed by Kate Macfarlane, Catherine Campbell, Jo McWaters, Robbie Macfarlane, Andrew Turner, Peter Deane, Philip Griffin and Bortier Okoe
with choir members from Adelaide Harmony Choir, Tutti Ensemble, Sudanese St Bhakita Choir, Adelaide Secondary School of English, Big Country Choir, and participants from Families SA Refugee Services.